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Michael Hudson-Doyle (mwhudson) wrote :

It is time to update glibc in Focal. This bug is a placeholder for the overall process and a place to link the individual bugs that are being targeted:

 #1928508 Performance regression on memcpy() calls for AMD Zen
 #1899800 Runtime deadlock: pthread_cond_signal failed to wake up pthread_cond_wait due to a bug in undoing stealing
 #1892825 update-locale not perform correctly sanity checks
 #1918035 is not correctly packaged in libc6-dbg
 #1951032 AArch64: Backport memcpy improvements

[test case]

[regression potential]
Rebuilding glibc is always a little risky (toolchain bugs and incompatibilities between the old and new versions can be surprising). The autopkgtests and the testing described above