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Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote :

Okay, fixed this once and for all in r520!

Big thanks to Tyler and Serge for helping find a suitable approach (and believe me, I have spent several days trying several different approaches).

So the current fix modifies the setuid umount.ecryptfs_private helper. We can't do it in umount.ecryptfs, because this runs as root, and root can't unlink the non-root user's keys (at least not with the existing implementation). But if we do it in the umount.ecryptfs_private helper, we can do it as the user before doing the setuid(0) and calling the unmount. Note that the failure to unlink the keys is a non-fatal error. A suitable message (and a pointer to how to unlink keys correctly) is shown on stderr, but the unlink proceeds. Doing this here is quite nice, as it allows us to use the reference counting code, etc, and only unlink when there are no other open references to the mount.

This will be released in ecryptfs-utils-85.