dpkg 1.18.4ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


dpkg (1.18.4ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian testing; remaining changes in the Ubuntu delta:
    - Change native source version/format mismatch errors into warnings
      until the dust settles on Debian bug 737634 about override options.
    - Add DPKG_UNTRANSLATED_MESSAGES environment check so that higher-level
      tools can get untranslated dpkg terminal log messages while at the
      same time having translated debconf prompts.
    - Special-case arm{el,hf} ELF objects in Shlibs/Objdump.pm for multilib.
    - Map unqualified package names of multiarch-same packages to the native
      arch instead of throwing an error, so that we don't break on upgrade
      when there are unqualified names stored in the dpkg trigger database.
    - Apply a workaround from mvo to consider ^rc packages as multiarch,
      during the dpkg consistency checks. (see LP: 1015567 and 1057367).
    - Carry over Breaks/Conflicts for triggers/upgrades until post-16.04.

dpkg (1.18.4) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Switch dpkg-scansources and dpkg-scanpackages to use File::Find instead
    of find(1), as the former is more portable with more consistent behavior,
    and always canonicalizes the pathnames. Closes: #800649
  * Initialize Config-Version also for packages previously in triggers-pending
    state, otherwise we end up not passing the previously configured version
    to «postinst configure», which might consider this a first install instead
    of an upgrade. Closes: #801156
  * Fix memory leaks in «dpkg --verify» and dpkg infodb format upgrade logic.
  * Merge all update-alternatives action handling into a single if-else-if
    block, to unify the code an allow a future switch into a shared library.
  * Perform any necessary cleanups on normal exit from dpkg-divert --add and
    --remove commands.
  * Make dpkg-architecture warning on non-matching GNU system type compiler
  * Add ‘.gitreview’ to the default dpkg-source ignore lists.
  * Add support for DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_DEBUG environment variable to dpkg.
  * Fix dpkg-checkbuilddeps exit code to be 1 instead of a random error value
    on unsatisfied dependencies. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.18.3.
  * Fix an off-by-one write access in dpkg-deb when parsing the old format
    .deb control member size. Thanks to Hanno Böck <email address hidden>.
    Fixes CVE-2015-0860.
  * Fix an off-by-one read access in dpkg-deb when parsing ar member names.
    Thanks to Hanno Böck <email address hidden>.
  * Add experimental multithreaded xz compression support in libdpkg, which
    requires xz >= 5.2.0.
  * Fix physical file offset comparison in dpkg. Closes: #808912
    Thanks to Yuri Gribov <email address hidden>.
  * Fix usage of dpkg-architecture -s after other action options.
    Reported by Niels Thykier <email address hidden>.
  * Add NIOS2 support to cputable. Thanks to Marek Vasut <email address hidden>.
  * On Debian and derivatives enable timeless build flag feature by default.
    Thanks to Paul Wise <email address hidden>. Closes: #805872
  * Perl modules:
    - Add support for Build-Essential field. Closes: #806315
  * Test suite:
    - Improve perl code test coverage.
  * Build system:
    - Set PERL5LIB globally for the test suite to the local modules directory,
      to avoid using the system modules. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.17.8.
      Reported by Jérémy Bobbio <email address hidden>. Closes: #801329
    - Use absolute buildir pathnames in PATH variable for the test suite.
    - Descend into scripts directory when cleaning up code coverage files.
    - Add new configure option --disable-devel-docs to select the kind of docs
      to generate, default for now is development documentation.
    - Try to use AM_GNU_GETTEXT_REQUIRE_VERSION to benefit from the latest
      installed gettext version, while guaranteeing a minimal required version.
  * Packaging:
    - Add missing Build-Depends for restriction formula support.
  * Documentation:
    - Move description for “target architecture” from the dpkg-architecture(1)
      ‘-A’ option to the TERMS section. Closes: #799046
    - Clarify that the md5sum check on «dpkg --verify» is performed on the
      file contents, and failures denote changed content. Closes: #760248
    - Document that dpkg-buildpacakge -nc -S implies -d.
    - Clarify role of Build-Depends in deb-src-control(5).
      Prompted by Johannes Schauer <email address hidden>.
    - Document supported feature areas.
    - Clarify in dpkg-query(1) when binary:Package gets arch-qualified.
      Closes: #801958
    - Add a subsection separating external from internal environment variables
      in dpkg(1).

  [ Updated programs translations ]
  * Dutch (Frans Spiesschaert). Closes: #800513
  * Japanese (Kenshi Muto). Closes: #799432
  * Turkish (Mert Dirik). Closes: #799875

  [ Updated scripts translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann).

  [ Updated manpages translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann, Julian R). Closes: #807156

 -- Adam Conrad <email address hidden>  Tue, 12 Jan 2016 14:24:21 -0700

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dpkg: Debian package management system

 This package provides the low-level infrastructure for handling the
 installation and removal of Debian software packages.
 For Debian package development tools, install dpkg-dev.

dpkg-dbgsym: debug symbols for package dpkg

 This package provides the low-level infrastructure for handling the
 installation and removal of Debian software packages.
 For Debian package development tools, install dpkg-dev.

dpkg-dev: Debian package development tools

 This package provides the development tools (including dpkg-source)
 required to unpack, build and upload Debian source packages.
 Most Debian source packages will require additional tools to build;
 for example, most packages need make and the C compiler gcc.

dselect: Debian package management front-end

 dselect is a high-level interface for managing the installation and
 removal of Debian software packages.
 Many users find dselect intimidating and new users may prefer to use
 apt-based user interfaces.

dselect-dbgsym: No summary available for dselect-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.

No description available for dselect-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.

libdpkg-dev: Debian package management static library

 This package provides the header files and static library necessary to
 develop software using libdpkg, the same library used internally by dpkg.
 Note though, that the API is to be considered volatile, and might change
 at any time, use at your own risk.

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No description available for libdpkg-perl in ubuntu yakkety.