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Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

I'm looking at this now and see a number of problems. There is no need to respond to these; I'm just listing them to help Juanje avoid making the same mistakes in future.

 * The translation of the TEXT-URGENT string splits a single sentence into two translatable pieces. This is a fundamental "don't do this" about internationalisation; the smallest sensibly-translatable unit is almost always a sentence. As it happens it seems that usplash has supported line-wrapping text since breezy (and if it doesn't then we should fix it), so this can just be collapsed into a single string.
 * Use xgettext to generate .pot files and don't edit them after doing so. The .pot file shouldn't have stuff in it indicating that a Spanish translation team is responsible for it.
 * You don't need to set TEXTDOMAINDIR explicitly; gettext(1) makes it clear that there's a default, and in any case we don't want to override language pack handling here.

I think the rest is OK, but will attempt to test it before committing.