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Bug #1965981 reported by Sergio Durigan Junior
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bind9 (Ubuntu)
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Bind9 released version 9.18.1 recently, and we should have it in Jammy.

This new release is already availble in Debian unstable, and contains a sizeable list of bugfixes. It is the first point release after bind9 9.18.0, and the project has a track record of fixing important bugs in the .1 release.

You can see the release notes for 9.18.1 here: https://bind9.readthedocs.io/en/v9_18_1/notes.html

For more detailed notes: https://gitlab.isc.org/isc-projects/bind9/-/blob/1a4e4c2989ede3f993fc352b6c77929f8c286887/CHANGES

There are 3 items described as Feature Changes:

  * The DLZ API has been updated: EDNS Client-Subnet (ECS) options sent by a client are now included in the client information sent to DLZ modules when processing queries. [GL #3082]

  * DEBUG(1)-level messages were added when starting and ending the BIND 9 task-exclusive mode that stops normal DNS operation (e.g. for reconfiguration, interface scans, and other events that require exclusive access to a shared resource). [GL #3137]

  * The limit on the number of simultaneously processed pipelined DNS queries received over TCP has been removed. Previously, it was capped at 23 queries processed at the same time. [GL #3141]

The last 2 changes seem trivial; the first one seems to aim at a specific scenario and I find it unlikely that it will affect most users.

PPA with the proposed changes: https://launchpad.net/~sergiodj/+archive/ubuntu/bind9-merge/+packages

Tags: server-todo
description: updated
Changed in bind9 (Ubuntu Jammy):
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Changed in bind9 (Ubuntu Jammy):
assignee: Sergio Durigan Junior (sergiodj) → nobody
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Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote :

This update seems fine to me, thanks for providing detailed information about the changes.

Changed in bind9 (Ubuntu Jammy):
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package bind9 - 1:9.18.1-1ubuntu1

bind9 (1:9.18.1-1ubuntu1) jammy; urgency=medium

  * Merge with Debian unstable (LP: #1965981). Remaining changes:
    - Don't build dnstap as it depends on universe packages:
      + d/control: drop build-depends on libfstrm-dev, libprotobuf-c-dev and
        protobuf-c-compiler (universe packages)
      + d/dnsutils.install: don't install dnstap
      + d/libdns1104.symbols: don't include dnstap symbols
      + d/rules: don't build dnstap nor install dnstap.proto
    - Add back apport:
      + d/bind9.apport: add back old bind9 apport hook, but without calling
        attach_conffiles() since that is already done by apport itself, with
        confirmation from the user.
      + d/control, d/rules: build-depends on dh-apport and use it
    - d/NEWS: mention some of the bigger changes in 9.16.0 packaging
    - d/bind9.named.service: use systemd Type=forking to signal daemon init.
      This fixes a regression of #900788 where services whose startup depend
      on name resolutions may fail due to bind9 not being ready (LP #1899902).
    - d/control: remove optional libjemalloc-dev Build-Depends as it is not in
    - d/NEWS: mention some of the relevant changes in 9.18.0 packaging
      or functionality that may affect usability.
  * Dropped changes:
    - d/p/0003-Remove-spurious-debugging-true.patch: remove development leftover
      debugging flag from nslookup code (LP: #1961556).
      [ Incorporated in 9.18.1. ]
    - SECURITY UPDATE: cache poisoning via bogus NS records
      + debian/patches/CVE-2021-25220.patch: tighten rules for acceptance of
        records into the cache in lib/dns/resolver.c.
      + CVE-2021-25220
      [ Incorporated in 9.18.1. ]
    - SECURITY UPDATE: DoS via specially crafted TCP stream
      + debian/patches/CVE-2022-0396.patch: ensure correct ordering in
      + CVE-2022-0396
      [ Incorporated in 9.18.1. ]
    - SECURITY UPDATE: DNAME insist with synth-from-dnssec enabled
      + debian/patches/CVE-2022-0635.patch: fix logic in lib/dns/rbtdb.c.
      + CVE-2022-0635
      [ Incorporated in 9.18.1. ]
    - SECURITY UPDATE: Assertion failure on delayed DS lookup
      + debian/patches/CVE-2022-0667.patch: fix logic in lib/dns/resolver.c.
      + CVE-2022-0667
      [ Incorporated in 9.18.1. ]
  * Added changes:
    - d/p/lp1964400-lp1964686-Add-digdelv-system-test-to-check-that-dig-tries-othe.patch,
      Fix dig error when trying the next server after a TCP connection
      failure. This upstream patchset also fixes a crash when using
      the "host" com...


Changed in bind9 (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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