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Gurjeet Singh (gurjeet) wrote :


    I used your instructions in comment #15 and although it seemed to work, but after the restart the wireless would not work. The reason was that immediately after the restart, before the reboot, the 'wl' driver was still loaded and continued to provide network access. But after the restart, when 'wl' was actually not loaded, and the b43 and bcma drivers were loaded and they did not work.

I am using MacBook Pro 9,1 (bought mid-2012).

I agree with your reasoning that if the in-tree drivers work, there's no need to fix the bcma/b43 non-free drivers, but as is evident in my case, the non-free drivers are the only ones that work, and hence the noise generated by the non-free driver in the syslog needs to be reduced/eliminated.

SInce these are actually kernel messages, and since kernel keeps a fixed size ring-buffers for kernel messages, after just a few minutes of strting the machine, the `dmesg` output has lost all the startup messages and is filled with these 'Could not get' messages. It even causes the syslog to cycle files much faster than it would otherwose do, and hence I lose the ability to go back in syslog history to diagnose any problems.