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ibere fernandes (ibere-fernandes) wrote :

Lubuntu 12.04 kernel 3.2.0-48-generic.

I was getting the sys.log spammed by ERROR @wl_cfg80211.

I was using Broadcom Corporation BCM4321 for wireless and the driver was wl: bcmwl-kernel-source.

I uninstalled everything that was installed and at

I found the solution:
sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer

Now I have:
~$ lsmod | grep "b43\|ssb\|bcma\|wl"
b43 342801 0
mac80211 436493 1 b43
cfg80211 178877 2 b43,mac80211
bcma 25651 1 b43
ssb 50691 1 b43

and all tty consoles have no spamming errors like before.