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Adam Porter (alphapapa) wrote :


Wow, instead of just posting the output of $(lspci | grep Broadcom), you're refusing and arguing.

Again: If one of the other drivers works, then this bug report is moot. If brcmsmac (the in-tree driver, which is "Completely open source host drivers, no binary object files.") works, the solution to this bug is not to fix bcmwl (the out-of-tree, non-free, restricted driver), the solution is to use the driver that works.

Therefore you should test the other drivers. Here, I will help you test the in-tree one:

$ sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source
$ sudo stop network-manager
$ sudo modprobe -r wl
$ sudo modprobe brcmsmac
$ sudo start network-manager
$ firefox

If the other drivers don't work, then fixing this driver might be the best solution, or fixing the free driver might be the best solution.

If you disagree and refuse to cooperate, okay; good luck getting a developer to work on this bug.

Ma Xiaojun,

If you don't understand the concept that there is no point in fixing non-free driver X if free driver Y works, then I probably can't convince you. Maybe someone else can. Good luck to you.