Activity log for bug #865828

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-10-04 01:34:48 Adam Conrad bug added bug
2011-10-04 01:36:54 Adam Conrad nominated for series Ubuntu Lucid
2011-10-04 01:36:54 Adam Conrad bug task added apt (Ubuntu Lucid)
2011-10-04 01:37:53 Adam Conrad bug added subscriber Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team
2011-10-04 01:41:48 Adam Conrad apt (Ubuntu): milestone lucid-updates
2011-10-04 01:42:07 Adam Conrad apt (Ubuntu Lucid): milestone lucid-updates
2011-10-04 01:43:09 Adam Conrad attachment added the patch from the Canonical DC version for comparison
2011-10-04 01:58:03 Adam Conrad attachment added actual debdiff of the upload in lucid-proposed for comparison with internal version
2011-10-04 05:35:12 Martin Pitt apt (Ubuntu): milestone lucid-updates
2011-10-04 05:35:15 Martin Pitt apt (Ubuntu): status New Fix Released
2011-10-04 05:51:03 Martin Pitt apt (Ubuntu Lucid): status New Fix Committed
2011-10-04 05:51:05 Martin Pitt bug added subscriber SRU Verification
2011-10-04 05:51:07 Martin Pitt tags verification-needed
2011-10-04 06:21:36 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/lucid-proposed/apt
2011-10-13 05:55:08 Martin Pitt tags verification-needed verification-done
2011-10-13 05:55:33 Launchpad Janitor apt (Ubuntu Lucid): status Fix Committed Fix Released