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Milo Casagrande (milo) wrote : Re: [Ubuntu-translation-coordinator] [Bug 392750] Re: needs translation

Hi guys,

2009/6/30 Adi Roiban <email address hidden>:
> I think that people should use Add/Remove Programs to search for packages.
> It's already available in the Main Menu and also works offline.
> It would be nice to have translated, but first we
> must translate the package descriptions.

I agree that packages description are the most important part, but the (and the Debian one too) are also very important.

It is not a way to install software, but it's a way to check
software/packages, their version and also to download the source code
(I happen to use it quite a lot).

For me, it deserves a little bit of attention too. I will set up a
task for the Italian team and we can try to translate it.

David, what do you mean with:

The site has got (very few) strings which
differ from and for which there is currently no way
to translate them, so any help on this would be very much appreciated

That there is no way to localize the different strings from Ubuntu
version? What is the technology behind it?


Milo Casagrande <email address hidden>