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Brian Bogdan (bbogdan-i) wrote :

Screen locks fine when screensaver is activated. About 3 days after enabling this, the unlock window appears but won't accept any input from the keyboard. End up having to click Switch User then it takes me to the login screen and I can input the password there and it opens the previously locked session - everything that was open is still open.

However yesterday, I was unable to exit from screensaver, it would not accept text in password box, my usual way around this, clicking on Switch User, did not work. I was stuck in a loop, every time I switched user and entered my password, it would take me back to my session, system still locked in the screensaver. I had to reboot. I lost a project I was working on, that I now have to start all over. So right now I've disabled the lock screen when screensaver is active, which is a huge security issue