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Gizem (gizemelove) wrote :

I checked again server log but i think this bug occured in tacker-dasboard. I changed the horizon code a bit to understand this and saw all the events coming.

Actually, I realized there was one more problem. I am trying to create autoscaling group with tacker. But I couldn't come up with a solution because cpu_util metric was deprecated.
I can analyses of the expression like this (* (/ (aggregate rate:mean (metric cpu mean)) 300000000000.0) 100) but I can not use aggregation method rate:mean in my tosca template.

When i try to create vnf with my tosca template this error occurs:

Error: Failed to create VNF. Details heat-translator failed: - Value of property "method should be one of given statistics" is invalid.

I could not understand if I could not perform the autoscaling process properly with tacker.