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Meekreau (mail-pfhvb) wrote :

Just another observation:

As udisks2 causes trouble in my workflow (many open Dolphin - KDE file manager - windows turn mad and eat up 100% CPU for at least a minute when udisks2 recognises new device) I've uninstalled it and use udevil from SpaceFM instead. After having installed Gnome as described in my comment #29, udisks2 was pulled back as dependency. An attempt to remove it yields the following output:

# apt-get remove udisks2
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  brasero gnome gnome-applets gnome-core gnome-disk-utility
  gnome-session-flashback gnome-shell-extensions gnome-sushi gvfs
  gvfs-backends gvfs-daemons nautilus nautilus-sendto udisks2

Which creates a conflict for me.

So perhaps having gvfs, gvfs-daemons and gvfs-backends (and as a result udisks2) installed could solve this issue.