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Iestyn Guest (iguest) wrote : Re: [Bug 1003185] Re: Error while adding the file monitor. Unsupported operation

On 01/31/2013 12:03 PM, misterich wrote:
> RE #15 (Sparhawk):
> I'm thinking that there might be some sort of dependency that is unknown here. You run KDE and I run XFCE. Neither of which are Gnome. After a full day of having `gnome` and `gnome-shell` installed, I don't see the problem.
>> Note that I am **not** running Gnome as my window manager, they are
> merely installed. I still run XFCE as my WM.
> A couple of things for the group:
> 1. Does anyone else duplicate the issue who has `gnome` and `gnome-shell` installed (note, this doesn't have to be the WM in use)?
> 2. If you did not have `gnome` and `gnome-shell` installed -- after you install them, does the problem go away?

The workaround I'm using is to set the local storage directory to /tmp
(Shutter -> Preferences -> Main Tab -> Directory: tmp and file name is
Default: $name_%NNN)

The default directory was my $HOME which is an NFS share. Never had the
problem with 10.04 Lucid (Same NFS Share, same server setup) Upgraded to
12.04 Precise and the problem appeared. For what it's worth I have two
machines at the house now, and both behave the same way.

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