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Nishant Dash (dash3) wrote :

I can confirm I see this across multiple deployments
From what I understand, n-c-c is pulling hostname from relation data of the `--endpoint cloud-compute` which has plain hostnames whereas, nova is using the fqdn when performing commands during a resize for example

1. n-c-c endpoint
        in-scope: true
          availability_zone: zone2
          egress-subnets: ip/32
          hostname: hostname

2. performing resize fails with Hostkey verification failure as such
oslo_concurrency.processutils.ProcessExecutionError: Unexpected error while running command.\nCommand: scp -C -r hostname.maas:/var/lib/nova/instances/_b
ase/xyzw /var/lib/nova/instances/_base/abcdefgh\nExit code: 1\nStdout: \'\'\nStderr: \'Host key verification failed.

Since this scp command above is using the fqdn, this is exactly what Paul has outlined as both `hypervisor list` and `host list` use the fqdn.

Additionally, I see both focal ussuri and jammy yoga affected