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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit c91ee68d493e8c813f4dcc4e46b1794a50f69f32
Author: Matt Riedemann <email address hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 10 09:24:48 2017 -0400

    Handle InstanceNotFound when setting password via metadata

    When setting an instance password via the metadata service, if the
    instance is not found it results in a 500 response to the caller.

    This change handles the InstanceNotFound error and returns it as
    a 400. Note it's a 400 since the instance uuid is part of the POST
    request body, not on the URL path so it's not a 404 response.

    Change-Id: I4aa99b563e1a5a87aa3e3dfb28800f107676df92
    Partial-Bug: #1696848