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George Shuklin (george-shuklin) wrote :

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create instance
2. Shutdown instance
3. Perform resize
4. Try to start instance.

Expected behaviour: instance starts in resize_confirm state
Actual behaviour: ERROR (Conflict): Instance d0e9bc6b-0544-410f-ba96-b0b78ce18828 in vm_state resized. Cannot start while the instance is in this state. (HTTP 409)


If tenant resizing running instance, he can log into instance after reboot and see if it was successful. If tenant resizing stopped instance, he has no change to check if instance resized successfully or not before confirming migration.

Proposed solution: Allow to start instance in the state resize_confirm + stopped.

(Btw: I'd like to allow to stop/resize instances in resize_confirm state, because tenant may wish to reboot/stop/start instance few times before deciding that migration was successful or revert it back).