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Sergii Golovatiuk (sgolovatiuk) wrote :

This problem belongs to mysqldump which is used for SST for Galera. Here is the log

Mon Jul 28 11:49:54 +0000 2014 /Stage[main]/Galera/Service[mysql-service] (info): Starting to evaluate the resource

node-1: neutron-server.log
2014-07-28T12:44:15.293475+01:00 warning: 2014-07-28 11:44:15.292 23135 WARNING neutron.openstack.common.db.sqlalchemy.session [req-21cbcff2-c7e8-4352-8784-3de095ee0dcc ] Database server has gone away: (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away')

Since node-1 was donor and non blocking SST (xtrabackup) was used this means that during SST MySQL was not available and was turned off by HAProxy clustercheck script. However, this didn't affect on neutron as it restored its operations after SST.