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William Fraser (william-fraser) wrote :

I've done a little more research and I think it's actually not a problem with maximus or swing, but probably clutter.

Why I don't think it's a problem with maximus:
When you run the attached program as a stand-alone application ("java Test2" from the command line) it will open a application window with nothing in it (it fails to display, open Test2.html in a browser to see what it should look like - a black square at least 512 by 384 pixels), however it will have reported in the terminal from which it was run the initial window insets (on my EeePC 901 5,5 - 25,5 ... the left, right - top and bottom sizes of the initial window), then "init" as it runs the applet initialization routine, and then the size of the applet display. This on mine displays 1546,989 initially and then settles on 1024,575 which on my EeePC with a 1024 by 600 pixel screen is the correct size assuming that the bar across the top of the screen is 25 pixels would mean that maximus was telling it to resize to take up the whole of the screen other than the bar at the top - what I assume it's supposed to do. So the window manager is setting the correct size, but is not being displayed.

Why I don't think it's a problem with swing:
This test program does not use swing - it uses AWT (ie the native windows and widgets of the operating system). So it can't be swing.

I don't think it's java because the problem occurs when I use an old java 1.4 deb install I used on the previous version of Ubuntu netbook remix I was using (9.10) without any significant problems. So it ran using the same java environment under an earlier version of ubuntu netbook remix. Also the problem occurs using icedtea, and the latest 1.6.20 version of java.

the problem goes away when I log out, then log back in but use the gnome desktop. I can run the application and it displays properly (using the same java environment and class file.)

I therefore assume it's a clutter problem as it is not a java, swing, or maximus problem.

I've created a bug report in clutter to cover this issue.