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Tom Barron (tpb) wrote :

> does removal of these two keys from the response for the /share-networks method constitute a substantive, backward-incompatible API change?

I think it is backward-incompatible and a (hypothetical) preexisting script that depends on getting these values from the manila api will break. But returning the values conditional on manila policy will also break some such scripts (assume the hypothetical scripts weren't running as admin) or allow leaking admin-only neutron info if the cloud admin does not set the manila policy to match neutron's. Using neutron policy in manila itself to control exposure of the fields would avoid ever leaking the info but seems messy and in any case will not maintain 100% backwards compatability with current behavior.

So I come back to the question whether there is any genuine use case for getting these two values from manila rather than from their owner, neutron. If not, then I think manila should mea culpa and quit the bad behavior rather than maintaining compatability at the cost of continuing to misbehave.