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Bug #262408: SysRq key equivalent needed Low New 495 weeks
Bug #381884: Appletouch touchpad driver produces jumpy two-fingered scrolling Undecided Fix Committed 532 weeks
Bug #817017: AHCI mode not restored during sleep-wakeup cycle Undecided In Progress 665 weeks
Bug #596641: mbp-nvidia-bl: adding support for MacBook Pro 7,1 Undecided New 730 weeks

From: Panard
Link: mbp7,1.patch

Bug #337314: Left speaker doesn't work, controls mixed up on Apple MacBook[Pro] (5,1) Medium Confirmed 752 weeks
Bug #214786: Apple USB ISO keyboard has incorrectly swapped keys Undecided Confirmed 783 weeks
Bug #356317: Make click-and-drag work for Macbook(Pro) 5,1+ (touchpads with integrated button) Wishlist New 793 weeks
Bug #346170: New iMac (9,1, March 09) headphone jack works, speakers do not Undecided New 794 weeks
Bug #327963: Error activating XKB configuration with MacBook keyboard model Undecided New 801 weeks
Bug #315485: Patch to add support to scale light sensor readings in applesmc-dkms Undecided Fix Committed 806 weeks
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