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rsiebel (riley-siebel) wrote :

Installed the patch (actually, my patch-compile-install under ubuntu). Have not gained click-with-one-finger-drag-with-another functionality.

Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the patch, or did I screw up?

git clone'd source from
dwnld'd patch from cornelius' link

I issued these commands:
patch -p2 < ./0001-Make-click-and-drag-work-for-Macbook5-1.patch
when prompted: "File to patch: " -> bcm5974-dkms/usr/src/dkms_source_tree/bcm5974.c
Both the bcm5974-dkms directory and the patch were sitting in ~/

did make, did make install (couldn't find ./configure or make configure) rebooted.

Is there something that I'm missing here? I am a definate noob so its very probable.

How would I use the deb package to test?

Thanks in advance