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Erkin Bahceci (cornelius1) wrote :

Henrik, thanks for having a look at the patch. I had thought that synaptics was the right place for this functionality, and that's why I looked at that first, but seeing that synaptics wasn't receiving the coordinates for multiple fingers, I wrote a patch for bcm5974. Now, as I understand it, you haven't yet released the bcm5974 patch to add MT protocol support or the new driver that takes advantage of this MT information, right? (or synaptics modifications? which one will it be?) Since you wrote that you already have some code for these (and also for click-and-drag?), I was wondering what remains to be done and how I could help without duplicating any effort. Should we just wait for MT protocol kernel support and your remaining (unreleased) code to arrive?


PS: Since it is drag related, I'll ask here: Is there a way to disable tap-and-drag but keep taps enabled (to click)? I couldn't see a synaptics option for that. If I added such an option to synaptics, would it have any chance of getting accepted?