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Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote : Re: Commit notifications should --include-merges on merged revisions

As mentioned at the pub this evening, I'm in the same boat as Thierry ;-)

My main gripe is that the patch attached to the email message includes the *full diff* of everything that's changed, but the body of the email merely includes the highest level commit message, "merged a bunch of fixes". If all of the changes are going to be flattened into a single monolithic diff, I think it would be prudent to flatten and include the changelog of everything in the merge.

In Ubuntu packaging, we strongly suggest that developers merging packages do something similar when they build the *.changes file. If merging from Debian, and several revisions have gone by, we like to see all the changelog entries between now and the last upload, using dpkg-genchanges's
              Causes changelog information from all versions strictly later than version to be used.

So there is sort of prior art here, that it would be nice if we were consistent with...