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Steve McInerney (spm) wrote : Re: Delete a given bug

My observation is that part of the problem with spam bugs is the "explosion" of 1 x spam bug report to multiple recipients. Which is always a Good Thing(tm) from a spammers perspective.

Not particularly caring *how* it's done, but we need a way of making a bug "gone" without causing followup emails/notifications sent to the same persons who copped the spam in the first place. Otherwise we're just rubbing salt into the open wound.

"Delete" being an euphemism for "make it go away" :-)
If invalid does this? Great. If not - the problem still exists.

2ndly - I personally don't want to be having to edit bugs manually to remove spam et al text; and click here and click there to make spam go away - that is not scalable even a little. I'm a sysadmin - not a Data Entry Operator. ;-)

One click - gone. Or some variation of, via an approved persons or the like.