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Branislav Neskovic (branislav.neskovic) wrote :

Sorry. I saw this now, Remote backup was not created. And it was downloaded to local dir.

k8s@test2-controller:~$ juju create-backup -m test2-controller:controller

backup ID:
backup format version: 1
juju version: 2.8.7
series: focal

controller UUID: 7d956a97-a20e-4029-8887-aaa8b6d5efba
model UUID: a9aeeafb-5984-4d16-8a83-86dfda011a75
machine ID: 0
created on host: test2-controller

checksum: s/ulMkFEp2E8SGKNNpgUr1RIQwg=
checksum format: SHA-1, base64 encoded
size (B): 101226925
stored: 0001-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
started: 2021-04-07 07:35:48.730818889 +0000 UTC
finished: 2021-04-07 07:37:20.133856682 +0000 UTC


Remote backup was not created.
Downloaded to juju-backup-20210407-073548.tar.gz.

And mongo.db has no backups:

juju:PRIMARY> show databases;
admin 0.000GB
backups 0.000GB

I found this bug because my filesystem was filling up at this location /tmp/snap.juju-db/tmp .

k8s@test2-controller:~$ sudo du -h -d1 /tmp/snap.juju-db/tmp
276M /tmp/snap.juju-db/tmp/jujuBackup-218257021
276M /tmp/snap.juju-db/tmp/jujuBackup-178084792
276M /tmp/snap.juju-db/tmp/jujuBackup-847774230