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Richard Harding (rharding) wrote :

The bug states that we'll allow the new names. I see this as a completely forward compatible addition to Juju that we can apply.

As Marco notes, it'd be a check, first for this new hook and if not found fall back to the upgrade-charm hook.

Juju 2.0 is getting frozen and the 2.0 release cut in the next 2 days for Xenial. We do not have the resources to make this change in the next 48hrs, however, I would like oi discuss the goal and when we want to have the charm that can utilize this in place and make sure that we add this as a point release to Juju 2.0 soon after it's released.

We know we'll have a minimun of two of those in the coming months and so I think we can align this with those very easily.