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Bug #1180797: Disabling spell doesn't take away gtkspell dependency Undecided New 578 weeks
Bug #1090670: Race condition in gwibber-service starup results to multiple instances of the service Undecided New 600 weeks
Bug #1035962: Maintenance does not clean links Undecided New 618 weeks
Bug #975841: gwibber-service crashed with error in read(): [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer Medium Fix Committed 635 weeks

From: raza.sayed
Link: patch.diff

Bug #812463: Fix compile without unity Undecided Confirmed 674 weeks
Bug #805348: Gwibber assumes presence of NetworkManager for Debugging Messages Undecided Fix Committed 676 weeks
Bug #372164: non ASCII chars in hashtags dont work Low Incomplete 689 weeks
Bug #646861: Support for live unicode character replacement Wishlist Triaged 716 weeks
Bug #259830: Honor gnome proxy setting Wishlist Fix Committed 742 weeks
Bug #507920: Use python gobject-introspection if available Undecided Confirmed 752 weeks

From: Jan Alonzo
Link: patch

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