Comment 6 for bug 1745003

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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 9363e0b0a14acf0ed9abc0e5d1f939131655ae03
Author: Brian Rosmaita <email address hidden>
Date: Sun Jan 28 18:31:02 2018 -0500

    Skip one functional test

    Skip this test until Bug #1745003 is fixed. It's not a normal
    skip; the skipping is done by commenting out the offending
    assertions. That's because I725c228b82efd408b283854c1be2d1bdab33a834
    appears to be completely ineffective, probably because of the
    mixins used in the db functional tests.

    Change-Id: I01bc954fc524d64cfeae67f8d03fe15f998893e6
    Related-bug: #1745003