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Travis Tripp (travis-tripp) wrote :

Many people may not realize that basically there is no effect of the added metadata.

I believe that the correct fix is to do it in Glance. Glance has the ability to migrate metadefs in the catalog, but not a migrate image metadata command. This probably could be added into the glance manage commands for metadefs now and it could also apply the migration to all resource types affected (flavors, volumes (image properties), images, snapshots).

A few reasons this catalog even came into existence:
 * Docs were out of date and inaccurate
 * The prefixes applied vary based on the resource type - e.g. image / volume use _ and flavor uses :
 * No ability for operators to manage visibility of available metadata (public / admin only)
 * Operators needed an ability to define their own metadata and easily correlate between nova scheduler filters (like host aggregates / flavors / images), across regions, and clouds.

It would be better if Nova could publish them to Glance or Glance was able to discover them / validate them from the source service if defined. (for example: [0] [1])

Samples from the original proposal: