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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #2015234: newline problem with Undecided New 60 weeks
Bug #2004463: iocsh on vxWorks broken Critical Fix Committed 69 weeks
Bug #1982847: cryptic error message "parse error: premature EOF" Undecided New 96 weeks
Bug #1982817: epicsNtp.c leaks file descriptors Undecided New 96 weeks
Bug #1950300: Cannot use hex numbers in HW links in EPICS 7 Undecided New 133 weeks
Bug #1861612: callbackRequestDelay not waiting for 1/60 sec on vxWorks Low Triaged 225 weeks
Bug #1842086: TestHarness should be TESTPROD instead of PROD Low In Progress 247 weeks
Bug #1816841: non-epicsThreads may receive wrong priority and crash Undecided New 275 weeks
Bug #1777768: NPP Put to a pp(TRUE) VAL field doesn't trigger monitors Low Incomplete 310 weeks
Bug #1012788: Add SOCKS support (for tunneling CA via ssh) Wishlist Incomplete 624 weeks
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