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rivers (rivers) wrote :

> Looking at release notes and commits
> it looks like this could be a side

> Wasn't 1/60 the default tick time on VxWorks? effect of switching internal timers to monotonic time.

Yes, I discussed both of these in the tech-talk thread.

The Application Developers Guide does not document a minimum value for the delay time in callbackRequestDelay(). Given that, the existing behavior should be preserved, which was that 1/60. second did not result in 0 delay. I believe that has been the behavior since at least the beginning of 3.14.

A reasonable expectation for the minimum value of the delay, given that it is not documented, is that it should be the same as the minimum value of epicsThreadSleep. That is documented as follows:

"Sleep for the specified period of time, i.e. sleep without using the cpu.
If delay is >0 then the thread will sleep at least until the next clock tick.
The exact time is determined by the underlying architecture. If delay is
<= 0 then a delay of 0 is requested of the underlying architecture. What
happens is architecture dependent but often it allows other threads of the
same priority to run."