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mdavidsaver (mdavidsaver) wrote :

I'm asking if this issue can be reproduced because I suspect this might be an artifact of a site policy of pruning "idle" connections rather than something intrinsic to the OS. Knowing that it has been observed on two differently administered networks would decide this.

Also, your original report doesn't actually say if you tried removing the shutdown(SHUT_WR) call to see if the connection is maintained. If your analysis is correct we may also need to remove shutdown(SHUT_RD) from logClient.c.

Just to be clear, the use of shutdown() here is an optimization. The theoretical savings in memory comes since the read/write buffer associated with a socket could be free'd when that side is shut down. This is probably on the order of 8KB per socket, which even on the server end doesn't add up to much. And that's assuming the OS actually free()s, which isn't specified.

If this is a Windows specific default behavior, then the call to shutdown() can simply be #ifdef'd out of that OS. I'd just like to be certain that the underlying problem has been fully understood.