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Bryn Hughes (linux-nashira) wrote :

Binary package hint: synaptic

This is more of a feature request than a bug, but it strikes me as kind of odd that Synaptic can't let you sort packages by their "popularity-contest" data...

Lots of users have popularity-contest turned on, so that data is going somewhere. Now, when any given user goes to install a package, there's a VERY good chance that the package they are looking for will be near the top of the list.


Bob wants to try a different music player on Ubuntu because he isn't completely happy with Rhythmbox. He searches in Synaptic for "iPod" and gets 40+ results, sorted alphabetically. He's a new user to Ubuntu and has no idea about things like KDE and Gnome, or what GTK is. He really is looking for the most commonly installed tools since they will also be easier for him to get help with

Mary is looking through the "Games" listings in Synaptic. She just wants to quicky find something "Fun" and finds over 900 packages listed under "Games and Amusements (universe)". She gets part way through "a" before she gives up