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Bug #2033612: Seagate STX driver: Weak Cryptographic Algorithm (MD5) used Undecided New 38 weeks
Bug #2012622: Race condition when deleting snapshots for backup with deferred deletion enabled Undecided New 61 weeks

From: Enrico Bocchi

Bug #1999706: Cinder fails to automatically map availability zones to volume types High In Progress 75 weeks
Bug #1862636: cinder retype corrupts volume in some scenarios Undecided New 194 weeks
Bug #1838820: Bad args to iscsiadm for iSCSI multipath target Undecided New 251 weeks

From: Chris M
Link: patch

Bug #1838204: NFS image to volume uses raw format regardless of settings Undecided New 251 weeks
Bug #1771989: LVM iSCSI driver doesn't support 'use_chap_auth' config option Undecided In Progress 314 weeks
Bug #1631078: Barbican key manager fails for encrypted volume created through Heat Undecided New 398 weeks
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