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Felipe Reyes (freyes) wrote :

looking at the radosgw logs, we can see a 404 error was returned when auto.sync.json was requested, and we see no matches for that file doing a PUT/POST earlier, so this suggests radosgw is not the one at fault, it should glance-simplestreams-sync, but crashdump doesn't capture the log of the sstream-mirror-glance located at /var/snap/simplestreams/common

2022-06-23T00:05:43.736+0000 7f4066f3d700 1 beast: 0x7f4120265730: - anonymous [23/Jun/2022:00:05:43.728 +0000] "GET /swift/v1/simplestreams/data//streams/v1/auto.sync.json HTTP/1.1" 404 9 - "python-requests/2.28.0" - latency=0.008000043s