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weswinham (winhamwr) wrote :

Thanks for the quick response.

I actually installed pycurl on the inkling (from googling around) that it might fix the problem I was having with the error:
bzr branch bzr+https://my.url.tld/code/project/branch
"bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://my.url.tld/code/project/branch/.bzr/smart: Unable to handle http code 401: Authorization Required"

I thought it might be because I was using auth_digest instead of simple auth, and I saw a comment recommending pycurl to get around that. But with pycurl, I'm having the ca cert problem.

Trying urllib+ gives me:
bzr branch urllib+bzr+https://my.url.tld/code/project/branch
bzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "urllib+bzr+
Trying just urllib+https is similar.

I'm now experimenting with added our self-signed cert to my ca-certificates file in ubuntu. I'm hoping that will clear it up, but I'm afraid of trying to port the instructions for installing the cert from ubuntu to mac osx to windows xp/vista for other developers. It seems like there must be an easier way that I'm not seeing. If there were some way to set pycurl options, we could set SSL_VERIFYPEER and/or SSL_VERIFYHOST to 0 and move right on through it.