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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote : Re: [Bug 601551] Re: bzr asks for password twice while checking out or updating .htaccess protected http folder

>>>>> Martin [gz] <email address hidden> writes:

    > Wrapping in try/finally is what I tried, which indeed doesn't really
    > feel like right thing. Also problematic are that this is in
    > bzrlib.transport.http._urllib so presumably pycurl will need some kind
    > of change as well,

Well, pycurl there is kind of a blackbox and you need to provide the
credentials in the url. pycurl just can't prompt either.

    > and this looks a pain to test.

Nope, all the hard work has already been done in, all the
tests auth are parametrized for all http implementations (and then

    > Think it really wants a blackbox style test to ensure the console
    > interactions are sane, but doing that across http libraries and
    > authentication methods, which avoiding leaking server threads,
    > looks complicated.

Either it's fixed after the leaking-tests proposal is landed or before
but in both cases taking care of leaks is out of scope ;)

It would be simpler to fix it after the landing though, so I've added
the relevant tags.

Status confimed and importance medium are appropriate IMHO, but patches
welcome !