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John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote : Re: [Bug 594155] Re: bzr co attempts to check .bzr/branch/branch-format when using a smart server

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Robert Collins wrote:
> John, a few notes:
> - bzr is not yet VFS free - the smart server protocol only expresses a subset of the operations that can take place.
> - I don't think the behaviour you're seeing is by design, we can certainly look at changing it.
> - even if changed, because we're not VFS free, you'll still get VFS requests coming into the smart server - but you could choose to disable that entirely, and we can work on making more operations VFS free.
> ** Changed in: bzr
> Status: New => Confirmed
> ** Changed in: bzr
> Importance: Undecided => Medium
> ** Summary changed:
> - bzr co attempts to check .bzr/branch/branch-format when using a smart server
> + http smart server autodetection does VFS operations directly.

We discussed this a bunch back when someone opened a bug about using
bzr+http and IIS6. Basically, he couldn't configure it easily to support
mixed mode (some requests go to bzr, some go to IIS). As such, we found
that bzr+http:// works, because it uses the bzr-proto for VFS requests,
and plain http:// was mixed.

Conceptually it seemed ~ok, since you can get caching, etc for HTTP
requests, that you wouldn't get for vfs requests. I don't really mind if
we switch, though.


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