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Sabin Iacob (iacobs) wrote : Re: Rename support

possibly related: any idea on how I get an "/some/path is already versioned" error when branching? the respective revision contains a directory move and some changes to a file beneath it; lightweight checkouts (which, AFAICS, are regular svn checkouts) with bzr and svn work, branching fails;

branching, commit and push made with 0.4 branch, r701; branch corrupted due to computer lockup (intel video drivers go for a hard lockup, xfs filesystem loses data, no way to rebuild the damn repository), had to branch again from SVN, failed on revision 32 of 34; branching r31 works, however I can't merge afterwards, so it doesn't really help; tested with the tip of 0.4 (r724), still getting the said error