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John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote :

Obviously the bzr version looks like it includes the latest memory improvements. Are we sure that all of the extensions got compiled properly? I wouldn't be surprised if memory consumption was >= before if _static_tuple_c.c didn't get compiled properly. There were more fixes than just that, which should have reduced memory consumption.

As for OOM... isn't this python in 64bit mode? If it was 32-bit python then I could certainly see us hitting the limit. If this is python2.4, then I'll also not guarantee too much. SInce in python2.4 allocations of "integer" objects are never released back to the system. And I would offer that there are probably some other memory allocation improvements in python 2.5 and newer.

Also, is there any way to probe what actual command is running on a process that hits 1GB of RAM? (What branch is it accessing? What action is it performing, etc.)

I wonder if it would be useful to hook up a SIGHUP handler that would dump the current stack trace into .bzr.log. Do you think it would help debugging this? (It seems like something that we could do in a small plugin if it would make it easier.)