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Bug #351317: git: file ids are not very unique Medium Triaged 547 weeks
Bug #77744: win32 bzr is confused by filename case changes High Triaged 583 weeks
Bug #251525: bzr-upload fails on first use when site already exists at remote server Medium Triaged 638 weeks
Bug #670159: bzrlib patch processor has unchecked iteration Medium Triaged 694 weeks
Bug #172383: [master] can't cope with NFD Unicode normalization on Mac OS X Low Triaged 709 weeks
Bug #514573: git: unusual_modes drops when a file having unusual mode stays continuing revisions. Low Triaged 734 weeks
Bug #215612: upload plugin should silently ignore deleted files on remote server Wishlist Triaged 741 weeks
Bug #411068: TreeTransform assumes whole tree is on one filesystem; gives "invalid cross-device link" Low Triaged 752 weeks
Bug #159589: LockContention just says "(remote lock)" not a useful url Low Triaged 780 weeks
Bug #302593: Reading options for a branch from locations.conf fails with bzr+ssh Medium Triaged 795 weeks
Bug #3780: 'bzr ignore' in subdirectory should prepend relative path Low Triaged 905 weeks
Bug #48444: Symlinks to repository branches don't work Low Triaged 924 weeks
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