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Teo (teo1978) wrote :


I think I'm experiencing this bug (in 10.04) but I'm not sure the cause is the same.

My laptop went to automatically hibernation because the battery was critically low. It is set to HIBERNATE when battery is critically low, I can see it in the Power Management preferences.

So when I connected it to power and turned it on, it booted AS IF it had been simply shut down. I got no error dialog (I guess there may be error messages in the logs but I am a newbie and don't know where to look for them), it just did a clean boot, and I lost all my unsaved data.

I have a swap partition, but I didn't (intentionally at least) do anything "weird" related to partitions. I simply "used" the system (wrote mails, surfed the web and the like). If something changed anything on the swap partition, it wasn't me.

Is there a way I can check some log file or something to see whether this was related to the issue described here?

I then tried to manually hibernate and resume just to test, I did it twice and the results were:

1) First time I tried to hibernate, and the system HANGED on a black screen with a text cursor on the upper-left corner. No messages, no disk activity, nothing, just stuck. I had to manually turn off the computer by holding the power button.
Obviously at the next boot it didn't resume. It did a clean boot.

2) Second time I could hibernate and resume SUCCESFULLY.

However I can't trust hibernation.

This issue's importance should be raised to CRITICAL as it can cause disastrous DATA LOSS/CORRUPTION